Teen Driver Education

You can now complete our Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved online Driver Education Course to prepare for the written knowledge test and earn your unrestricted driver's license before you turn 18! You can work through each short, easy-to-read chapter at your own pace and login or out of the program at anytime. After each chapter, you will take a short, multiple-choice, open-book review quiz.

Once you complete all of the chapter reading and quizzes, you will take the final exam. The exam is designed to prepare you for the actual written knowledge test and you will have unlimited opportunities to pass. Once you pay for the course and pass the final exam, we will issue and send your completion certificate immediately.

Please note that state law requires you to have your identity verified before you can take the final exam. To meet this requirement, your identity will be confirmed using telephone biometrics. This process only takes a few minutes, and you must complete it successfully to take the final and receive course credit.

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